Thursday 09/09/2021 02:51am (Sent from Unknown via Unknown)

Today is R U OK? Day so I just want to let you know how important it is to ask someone if they are okay and to remind them that your there for them if they need help or are struggling with life as I know this can be such a hard time at the moment for so many people because most of us are in lockdown right now which makes it hard to get the help you need but you can always give me a call anytime you want or send me a message as I'm always here for you or anyone who is feeling lonely. My 28 year old cousin commited suicide 6 weeks ago and I honestly didn't expect him to do anything like that so it's just a reminder to make sure you check up on everyone to see how they going or let them know you care about them as I find we all need someone in life who is actually going to make time for you when your not okay because that means people know there is someone they can reach out to for help without feeling like they are annoying or being a burden to them which most people tell me when they don't want to open up. Please give your family, friends, neighbours or even strangers a compliment as that can make there day feel so much better or do something nice for them as that could definitely cheer someone up who might be having a bad day and always be kind to people no matter who they are because it's those simple little things that can really make such a huge difference to their life. Finally I just want to say thank you very much for reading this as I care about you a lot and I really

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