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3. While the certification does require things like clock jitter to be under a certain value, the Valhalla eliminates it entirely. 4. FUture proofing. While the certification may only require a cable to be capable of a certain value, whether that be speed or anything, that does not mean that it cannot be greatly surpassed. There were cables in 2009 that were capable of running 4k, and yuo can bet it was not the $20 cables doing so. The final point is that, even if the above do not warrant the price (and you are perfectly within your rights to think that), look at it this way; If you owned a blu-ray or multi-format player worth $200k+ (and they do exist), do you honestly think you'd be content running a $20 HDMI lead? Irrespective of the physical or measurable differences (and whether they make any audible or visual difference to you), there are customers who will demand a cable they feel reflects the level of their product, and no amount of persuasion or stats will change their mind. Are we ever going to try and push someone buying even a $1,699 Panasonic blu-ray player into spending $15k on a HDMI cable? God no, no store would be so deceptive and exploitative (nor, honestly, ballsy) enough to even try that. Will we offer one and have it for sale for those customers that want this level, though? Well yes. Why wouldn't we? Hope this explains things somewhat. Sincerely, Mischa

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