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PC Pat Capogreco viewed this message 1. While the audible, visual differences are going to be nil between two 48gbps HDMI 2.1 leads, the build quality is absolutely not be the same, and to imply otherwise is not only wrong, but wilfully so. As such, things like the heads, the pin integrity, sheath strength and/or flexibility, and internal wire quality are all significantly different and notably better than what would be found in a $20 equivalent. 1A. Related to the above, mass produced cables are not always the same. As the most complicated AV cable on the market, the sheer number of pins, wires, and any additional shielding is incredibly complex, and there can be massive inconsistency in mass produced cables, meaning not only bad contacts, but failed cables and bad fit. Nordost's range in particular is hand made, stringently tested after manufacture, and so is party to a fault rate of near zero. 2. While the difference in image quality will be identical under ideal circumstances, HDMI leads can pick up interference. They are an electrical based cable carrying information, and so are prone to this. This is not a part of the HDMI certification and so is a point of difference between brands and cables.

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