Tuesday 11/09/2018 02:18pm (Sent from Unknown via Unknown)

Hey mark it's Alex, I know from what maddy tell me everyday that I'm the last person you wanna hear from but as you know I've asked maddy to my formal as I don't feel right asking any other girl since maddy was there for basically my whole high school life and would mean a lot for her to be there. But I promised her I would pay for it all as that was the only way she would say yes. So far I've spent $500 and mads said she needs another 380 to pay for the rest and I just simply can't cough up that much as i was supposed to be buying my car this week and now I can't because I'm short so long story short could you help out. I know it's my formal not your daughters and you just payed 2 grand for Marley but I'm out of options. If you could respond even if it's a no it would be appreciated. Thanks, Alex

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